The Importance of Roof Ventilation - FREE Whirlybird with every job OVER $2000*

Roof Ventilation is one of the most crucial facets of a home, since it affects the air quality inside the house. If you neglect it, not only does it affect the breathability of the air, but it also causes the shingles on YOUR roof to deteriorate faster. Ensuring YOUR roof is well ventilated is vital for its longevity.

Air Roofing Company has the skills and experience to install the best ventilation system for YOUR home. Turbine vents, also known as Whirlybirds, are a popular and effective ventilation solution.

These cost-effective semi-mechanical vent systems create a vacuum that suck up all the heat in YOUR roof.

Installing a Whirlybird will: 

  • Remove heat from YOUR ceiling space
  • Remove moisture from YOUR ceiling space
  • Help prevent the build-up of mould
  • Keep your home or building cool in summer

Get YOUR Whirlybird Today!


* FREE Whirlybird is the supply and fit of a Zincalume Residential product
* Does not include Colorbond Whirlybird products.
* Offer Valid until February 28 2017

We use only the highest quality Whirlybirds, ceiling registers & eave vents as part of our Roof Ventilation service, sourced from trusted manufacturers.

Air Roofing uses Univent Whirlybirds from FGW for residential properties and Hurricane Whirlybirds for industrial or commercial properties. You can trust our team to recommend and install a Whirlybird for you.

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