Roof Plumbing in Perth

With the flash flooding and storms we see in WA, roof plumbing structures like downpipes and gutters are highly important. These rainwater products can capture and carry water to ground level, protecting our roof and our home.

Flashing is also extremely important, preventing water from getting into our roofs through gaps near pipes, chimneys, or the edges of other roofs.

Inefficient roof plumbing can lead to leaks and serious damage to the interior of your home. Roof leaks can also be dangerous if they come into contact with wiring.

If you see discoloured areas on the walls or ceilings around your home, you can be pretty sure there’s a leak somewhere.

Our Leaky Roof Repair Services

If too much water enters your home, it can lead to serious problems and a costly repair bill. At Air Roofing, we offer a Roof Health Check to investigate leaks and any other damage to your roof.

Depending on the damage, your roof repairs may involve a fairly simple or quite complex job. Longstanding leaks can lead to warped roof beams, roof or ceiling damage, and other serious issues. You may need to replace flashings, gutters, and downpipes. Other work may include fixing damaged roof beams and supports and sealing the roof to make it waterproof again.

We keep our work environment safe by using a range of guardrail & void-protection products.

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