A rainwater tank is a perfect accompaniment for high-quality roofing and gutters. Reuse the water that is collected on your roof to lower your bills and help the environment, giving you access to fresh and filtered drinking water that doesn’t cost a cent.

With climate change upon us, there’s never been a better time to install a rainwater storage system that will preserve our most precious resource. Depending on the year’s rainfall and the size of your water tank, you could reduce your reliance on mains water by up to 100%

Buy a Water Tank in WA

The benefits of rainwater collection in your home are considerable and offer the chance of major returns on your initial investment. Your gutters and downpipes will become a source of clean water, reducing the amount of water you use from your mains supply. If every home in Perth installed water tanks, it would reduce the need for building new dams and disturbing our natural surroundings!

Keep your garden green and healthy without worrying about your budget or environmental impact. By simply maintaining clean gutters, you can keep your water supply flowing through every season and even through times of drought.

Air Roofing Supplies Rainwater Tanks in Perth

It makes sense that Air Roofing are the experts for installing high-quality guttering and stormwater tanks. Speak to our team about reserving your water supply today – If you’re based in Perth, call 9361 6088 or simply contact us online.


Ask about a free quote today and you can look forward to a cleaner, greener future and smaller water bills.


Benefits of Rainwater Tanks are endless and will ensure that YOUR home & investment becomes environmentally friendly, reducing the reliability of water from your Main’s supply.

With very generous government rebates now available, homeowners can make the switch and cut their future water costs as well as help the environment. Contact Us for more information or complete our FREE Rainwater Tanks quote above and one of our Area Managers will contact you.