Why is Plumbing for my Roof Important?

August 30, 2016

Roof guttering and downpipes are your built-in insurance against both roof and interior damage.

Roof Plumbing Essentials

Your roof plumbing may be subject to a range of issues, including:

  • Trees - If you have a big gum tree "donating" branches and leaves to your roof, your roof plumbing could be having trouble with debris filling your guttering and downpipes.
  • Coastal environments – Sea air, strong winds, and Perth's sudden downpours combine to put stress on your roof. Be highly suspicious of possible leaks after heavy rain and check ceilings for any signs of moisture.
  • Roof leaks – There's no such thing as a "minor" roof leak. Water can accumulate in the roof cavity or elsewhere, potentially causing severe damage to your home. (Important, please note – Any possible risk to electrical wiring can be extremely serious. If you have any kind of roof leak, it should be fixed immediately to prevent water contact with electrical systems.)
  • Odours and smells – Any smell which indicates the presence of water, like damp smells or mould, mean there is definitely a leak in the roof somewhere, depositing water in the home. Trust your instincts and get your roof plumbing checked.

Roof Guttering

Guttering should be kept in good condition as follows:

  • Remove all debris from gutters – You can get roofing professionals to do this work to ensure that gutters are safe. Don't take any risks with safety if you choose to remove materials yourself.
  • Gutter guards – Gutter guards are excellent for blocking the entry of debris into your downpipes and preventing obstructions in the gutters which can lead to leaks, overflows, and build-up of water which can't drain.
  • Gutter age and condition – If your old gutter is looking worn out, it probably is. Gutters more than 10 years old may be at the end of their working life. It's a false economy not to replace because any damage costs will far exceed the cost of replacement.

Roof Downpipes

Roof downpipes manage your roof drainage and may be required to handle extremely large amounts of water.

To look after your roof downpipes:

  • Check for signs of corrosion – A lot of rust, particularly around pipe joins, means your downpipe has been under severe stress for a long time and definitely needs work done.
  • Check connections with guttering – If your gutters have a lot of debris, you can assume the pipes have also received significant amounts of debris. You need to check for blockages and build-up of materials in the pipes.
  • Check for leaks – Downpipes shouldn't leak at all. If they do, they need either sectional or complete replacement.

To ensure your roof plumbing is done the right way is to get professional roofing contractors in Perth to check it out and fix problems before they become major cost risks. Contact Air Roofing to discuss your plumbing needs today.