What Does Timber Sagging Mean for Your Roof?

October 4, 2016

Inside of a sagging timber roof

Timber sagging is definitely not good news for any roof. In Perth, it’s usually caused by the age of your timber supports, climate stress, leaky roofs, and/or a combination of warping and the effects of gravity over time affecting older homes. Poor quality timber is another usual culprit in modern homes.

You may need to repair or replace your roof timber supports in the event of timber sagging. In some cases, re-roofing or roof replacement may be better options.

Please be aware that any issues with sagging timber can do a lot of interior damage very suddenly, without warning. Any kind of roof sagging problem needs immediate attention. Failure of roof supports can be extremely dangerous to residents and cause catastrophic interior damage.

Recognising the Symptoms of Timber Sagging

There are a few symptoms of timber sagging which will give you early warning of the problem, but please be advised that if you are in any doubt at all, speaking to your roof repair professionals is your quickest option to prevent problems.

Signs of timber sagging include:

  • Roof looks wrong – If you’re thinking that your roof is looking slightly out of position, timber sagging is the most likely cause. Also, bear in mind that whatever the problem may be, the fact that the roof isn’t looking right means that it needs to be checked out.
  • Tiles out of place or crooked – Roof tiles don’t usually change position. If they do, the likely causes are impacts from things like tree branches, or interior problems with roof supports. Check out any damage immediately.
  • Roofline looks wrong – The roofline angles should be straight; if not, it is possible that a support has moved or sagged. Any issue affecting the roof line should be fixed immediately because the roof line is directly related to major supports.
  • Steel roofing out of shape or roofing movement – Metal roofing is famous for its extreme reliability and toughness. The only thing that can get a metal roof to move or be out of shape is some type of damage. If the metal roofing joins have been separated or roof surfaces are lifting, you can reasonably assume that there is a timber support problem.

Sagging Timber Replacement and Repair

Replacement and repair solutions come in varying degrees of difficulty. In some severe cases, re-roofing or roof replacements are definitely the best options. This is because the condition of the roof timbers is no longer safe, and the roof is unstable. Roof replacement is the safest, quickest, and best solution when roof timbers have deteriorated beyond repair.

In minor cases of timber sagging, roof repair and fixing leaky roofs will solve the problems. This type of work can be done very quickly by your local residential roofers, and minor repairs aren’t usually expensive. The repair work is also very useful for giving the entire roof a proper check and preventing any further problems.

Don’t delay in getting sagging timber problems with your roof fixed. Talk to your residential roofing contractors in Perth about your problems now.