Treat Your Roof Right with Timely Repairs

June 16, 2015

Your roof is protecting your entire home, your investment, your family. It sits there year after year, storm after storm, doing its job without a word. Everyone notices a nice paint job, but few notice the roof. Unappreciated until one day there is a leak. Without prompt attention, that little leak becomes something more serious.

Maybe if you had paid a little more attention to the condition of your roof, you wouldn't need to replace it quite so soon!

Maybe your roof hasn't got that bad yet. In which case, now is a very good time to get the ball rolling and begin protecting your roof at the first signs of damage – as observed by a specialist who knows not only what goes wrong and how to see it, but also knows how to repair it properly, with minimal intrusion into your life.

There are many reasons for roofing problems. Here are some of the most common:

Poor Roof Maintenance

The best way to correct this is to have your roof repair company inspect from time to time so that any minor damage can be identified and corrected before it becomes a more serious problem.

Roof Climate Damage

Depending on the type of material in your roof and the types of weather in your area, your roof may deteriorate faster than what you expected. Hail, salt-air, torrential rains, blistering sun; all kinds of weather can increase the stress on your roofing materials.

Roof Wind Damage

Most roofs are not designed to handle tornadoes or hurricanes, but even moderate winds can cause problems. As winds flow over edges, it creates a partial vacuum which causes air inside the building to push up from under the roof. This weakens the roof and leaves it more susceptible to the next wind storm. Poor craftsmanship from some roofing companies can also make this worse, as loose or uneven edges give the wind a handle to grab at your shingles.

Poor roof design

If the original construction of the building included a weak roof structure, inadequate slope, incompatible roof materials or inadequate provision for expansion and contraction during weather changes, then you are likely to need roof repair sooner than you would have had the roof been correctly designed in the first place. This is a serious fault which can only be corrected at the time of re-roofing (and will be costly to put right.) In the meantime, good maintenance can put off this eventuality.

Flashing failures

Leaking is often caused by flashing problems. The flashing is the watertight junction between roofing materials and other parts of the structure such as a chimney, skylight or air-vent. This could have been avoided with correct installation and good inspections, but is also somewhat simply repaired. There are other possible issues with the different types of flashing that only a roof repairs professional is going to be able to diagnose and address for you.

Problems with gravel stops and metal edge strips

These are designed to keep your roofing materials in place and prevent wind damage. When incorrectly installed or damaged, there can be leakage.

Problems with additions

Whether signs, aerials, flag poles or any other addition to the rooftop, these items can cause damage to the roof. If possible, these things should not be mounted on your roof to begin with, but if it is necessary, then they should have special support structures to minimize damage.

Talking to your local roof repair specialist can save you a lot of headaches later. When done before the problems start, you can get a good idea of whether you are likely to suffer problems. They can diagnose and repair roof problems before they get out of hand and require greater intervention.