Top 5 Reasons for Replacing Gutters

December 1, 2014

Needless to say, gutters are an integral part of homes. Their primary function is to ensure that water is being directed away from windows, doors, exterior walls, and foundation, thereby blocking the water from leaking inside. However, the condition of gutters deteriorates with time and they need to be replaced promptly when that happens.

5 Signs to Watch Out For When Considering Replacing Gutters

Are there any cracks?

Homeowners have often made the blunder of ignoring small cracks in their gutters, because they thought those were negligible and not capable of causing any damage. However, small cracks will eventually get bigger, and it can happen within a short span of time. Once the water from the gutter starts to leak, it damages the gutter itself, along with the shingles above it, the fascia boards behind it, and the foundation below. Then you are in store for gutter repairs or even an entire gutter replacement.

Are there any signs of water damage?

Ideally, you need to inspect the gutters regularly for indications that water is leaking from the gutter because it can impact your soffit and fascia board. In fact, broken gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home, which will result in you having to spend a fortune in getting everything replaced or repaired. Check for water marks around and under the gutter – if there are any signs, it means the damage to your foundation and its walls have already started.

The next step is to find out the exact spot from where the water is leaking – you need to do this right away, because any delay means more water seeping inside your home. The best way is to check the gutters on a sunny day when there is no rain, as the water marks stand out clearly, so you can spot them without difficulty.

Is the paint peeling?

When gutters are painted, it is done in a way so that they can withstand the normal wear and tear that occurs. Once the paint starts peeling or there are orange flecks, which are an indicator of rust, it means the water is not being expelled by the gutter properly. If the paint comes in contact with the water inside due to splits or cracks, it will start to peel. The problem should be addressed right away because it shows you have a leaky gutter causing damage to the walls and the foundation. It takes little time for the problem to spread due to extended exposure to water, so the sooner you get the gutter replaced the better for you.

What happens when gutters aren’t installed properly?

Incorrect installations often lead to gutters sagging later on. This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to check if gutter replacement is required or not. A gutter, in normal condition doesn’t sag or pull away from your house. If you notice these signs, it means the gutter is overloaded with water, which is why it is forced to pull away due to the excess weight. This in turn affects the entire drainage system.

As mentioned before, the moment you find water leakage, the state and condition of the gutters should be checked immediately. In case there are no cracks or water marks, there is a high chance that the gutter system was not installed properly from the beginning. As time passes, debris and leaves get jammed in or stuck inside the gutters, thereby leading to blockage. It also reduces the longevity of the gutters by almost 70%. Once gutters are clogged, water overflows and causes damage.

Have you noticed mildew?

Gutters are supposed to keep water away from the foundation of your home. But if there are pools of water or mildew right near the foundation, it might mean the gutters are not functioning the way they should be. It can happen due to blockage or a problem in the drainage system.

Choosing a Contractor

You should ensure that the gutters in your home are inspected annually by a professional, so that the warning signs can be identified before the damage is extensive and gets costly. Roofing contractors can help to make sure that the guttering is in good condition and recommend suitable replacement options if and when required. However, before you hire a particular contractor, ensure they are licensed and insured. Check to see if they are reputable by asking them for references from prior clients. This is important so you know that their services are worth paying for. Shop around for estimates, shortlist 3-4 quotes, and then make up your mind. Cost shouldn’t be the sole parameter while deciding, because the quality of work is equally important. Even if you have to pay slightly more now, calculate how much you will save in the long run, when the gutter remains in great condition for a long time!

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