Top 5 Reasons for Installing Whirlybirds at Home

March 1, 2015

Ventilation is one of the most crucial facets of a home since it affects the air quality inside the house. If you neglect it, not only does it affect the breathability of the air, but it also causes a host of other problems. Whenever you move into a new home, you should get the ventilation checked to ensure everything is working as it should be.

What are Whirlybirds?

Homeowners these days frequently opt for turbine vents also known as Whirlybirds (Perth); which is a sort of semi-mechanical vent system that is installed on the roof to eliminate heat from the ceiling cavity. They resemble cylindrical domes with fins on the side that spin in the wind, thereby creating a vacuum for absorbing the warm air in the cavity. There are currently two types available – active and passive. The former operates on wind for spinning the turbine, while the active vents are mechanically driven so they rotate continuously to create a permanent vacuum irrespective of wind speed.

What happens if ventilation isn’t sufficient?

Problems in ventilation can lead to numerous issues:

  • Sometimes the temperatures in the roof spaces can go up to 60°C during summer. Since the heat is not able to escape via the roof, it flows downwards into the house, thus causing inconvenience and putting unnecessary pressure on the air-conditioners. Almost 45% of the cooling effects from air-conditioning are lost through the roof.
  • When the mercury drops during winter, the damp air should be removed or else moisture gets condensed on the rafters, roof deck or insulation. If moisture seeps into the attic without a way out, it leads to soaked insulation, which is basically useless. This trapped moisture travels through the walls and causes mould or mildew. It also leads to cracking, flaking, or peeling of paint.
  • A storm is unpredictable, which makes it likely that rain or snow can creep into the attic during this time due to inadequate ventilation. The air being pulled via attic vents is insufficient so a reverse effect occurs that pulls the rain and snow inside rather than pushing them out.
  • The quality of the roof is compromised since shingles worsen faster than they would have if the air space was well ventilated. That is why quite a few shingle manufacturers don’t provide warranties if the shingles have been set up over attics that don’t have proper ventilation.

Reasons for using Whirlybirds in Perth

Even though there has been a debate regarding the efficiency of Whirlybirds in Perth, it has been shown that they work effectively, which is why many contractors are recommending them nowadays. You should install Whirlybirds due to the following benefits:

No more bills of a huge amount

When summer sets in, quite a few homeowners have to pay up utility bills of exorbitant sums. An air-conditioner that operates day in and day out is bound to increase the electricity consumed, thereby raking up the final figure quite high. Whirlybirds ensure that the air quality remains normal, so none of the utilities are overused.

Green product at home

The Whirlybird ventilators work a 24-hour shift, but no toxic gases or chemicals are emitted as by-products, which make them environment friendly and safe for use. Rainwater is prevented from seeping into your home too.

Matches with all kinds of roofing

Whirlybirds can be bought in various colors so as to suit your home. Whatever you specifications are, you will surely find what you are looking for due to the vast range available. The ventilators can be installed on different roof surfaces such as a metal or tiled roof.

Noise concerns addressed

They operate round the clock but there is no residual noise or the sound that we hear from the vents which draw air into the roof. The system is smooth and convenient.

First-rate circulation

The mechanism of Whirlybirds is simple and the prices are low as well. The turbines are used for drawing out high temperatures from the roof and ensure there is proper circulation in the house or building. The best part is that Whirlybirds can operate along other advanced systems inside the roof for ventilation. For example, fiberglass or polyester insulation can be combined with Whirlybirds to keep the roof cool during summers and ensure adequate ventilation at the same time.

Thus you can see why investing in Whirlybirds in Perth is a smart decision. You don’t have to put up with huge bills or cover your ears at night to drown out the noise from the ventilators. Furthermore, they maintain the structural integrity of the roof too. Get in touch with a roofing contractor who can provide more details and information about this ventilation system. DIY is an option of course, but it is best to leave this task to a professional who has the skill and prior experience to install the system.