The Benefits of Roof Insulation for Your Home

June 27, 2016

If you're considering getting roof insulation in Perth, you're making a wise choice which offers a lot of practical benefits. Insulation saves on energy costs, improves home temperature management, reduces the need for roof repairs, and protects your home from the interior effects of heat and cold.

benefits of roof insulation

Roof Insulation Basics – Managing Heat

In the sometimes unpredictable Perth climate, heat levels can do real damage, quite quickly. Heat and cold cause building materials to expand and contract. These expansions and contractions can even affect solid timber, as well as all the other materials used in home construction.

Roof insulation absorbs heat, blocking heat transfer to the home interior and uncomfortable heat build-up inside. In effect, roof insulation provides significant protection for your home and roof from potentially expensive damage over time.

Roof Insulation and Energy Usage

Roof insulation can save you a lot of money in energy usage. Heat transfer to the home interior puts additional energy demands on air conditioning and other electronic systems if you don't have good roof insulation:

  • The air conditioning systems have to use more power to provide the programmed temperatures, simply because of additional atmospheric heat. Constant adjustments to heat can add to your power bill.
  • If you don't have air conditioning, (many older Australian homes don't) electric fans can be costly, especially with increasing power prices. These little fans also can't do much to reduce overall interior heat.
  • Electronic systems can react very badly to excessive heat. Computers, for example, can use up power running their internal fans continuously to compensate for ambient heat levels. Fans wear out over time, costing money to replace, as well as adding costs to energy usage.
  • Some electronic systems like smart TVs and computer-connected TVs can also be seriously affected by exposure to ambient heat. The combination of system heat and ambient heat may cause problems needing repairs.

Cost and Lifestyle Benefits of Getting the Right Roof Insulation

Good roof insulation isn't really very expensive at all in terms of upfront costs. The real cost benefits become obvious when you consider the value of what your roof insulation does for your home.

Cost and lifestyle benefits include:

  • Definite reduction in energy usage costs – This big measurable saving is ongoing, directly affecting your power bills. You can save a lot of money over the years this way.
  • Reduced heat management issues and related costs – If you've ever had to pay for interior work and structural issues caused by climate-related problems, you'll appreciate the big money that lowering these costs can achieve.
  • Quality of life and comfort - These are priceless benefits. Improving your home insulation instantly improves interior comfort and quality of life and provides a healthier, more enjoyable interior climate.

Looking for Roof Insulation in Perth?

Your local roofing contractors in Perth can do any kind of roofing insulation and roof repair work you need doing. Ask for a quote, discuss your needs, and talk to the roofing professionals about what you want. It's that easy to upgrade your home and save money as well.