Six Essential Considerations for Reroofing

May 1, 2015

Strong Roofs Matter - 6 Essential Considerations for Reroofing Your Home

Unfortunately, nothing in life lasts forever – and the roof of your home is no different. As sturdy as your roof may be, all roofs will eventually start to depreciate over time. Acting as the first line of defence against harsh weather conditions and disaster; a strong, well-maintained roof offers protection for your home and family that’s invaluable.
Whilst the initial costs of reroofing can scare off homeowners or push the priority further down the to-do list, it’s a vital safety consideration that shouldn’t be avoided or questioned. Strong roofs do matter – get to know the signs and essential considerations here.

1. Know the Signs

From cracks, breaks, leaks and the age of your roof – there’s vital signs that scream safe roofing repairs. Even if your roof is showing all signs of a healthy life, its age can be a dead giveaway that it’s time for change. On average, a roof will last anywhere from 20-25 years. This time frame though, shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of its life span.
Adequate ventilation and the way in which the old roof was removed can be a big indicator whether it’s time for reroofing. You’ll need to consider how the old roof was removed, and if there’s only a single layer of shingles. A roofing expert will be able to check whether or not the current roofing has been installed over other layers or not, and how much time has passed since its last repair.
Other vital roof repair and replacement signs can include, but not limited to the following:
• Curling and buckling of shingles – Bucking in the shingles can be a good indicator of a new roof. Check the slopes of your home that receive direct sunlight and see if there’s any evidence of curling there.
• Valleys – One of the most vital parts of your roof, valleys should be checked to ensure no shingles are missing or falling apart. Because rain and snow can flow via the valleys into the gutters, ignoring issues here can lead to leaks and complicated problems in your home.
• Missing granules and bare spots – The washing away of granules over time is due to the waterfall effect that occurs from lack of eavestrough, downspouts places poorly, or ill-deigned drainage of the valley on a second storey. These granules protect the shingles so when erosion occurs from sun exposure and heat, water seepage and loose granules occur speeding up the aging of your roof.
• Broken or missing shingles – Anything wrong with the shingles hampers the roof’s ability to shed water, turning it into an entrance of water instead. Too much physical and wind damage can contribute to broken or missing shingles.
• Damaged flashings – Flashings situated around skylights, rakes, stacks, wall details, valleys, chimneys and eaves can cause lifting, separation and dried out caulking. The flashing details are subject to lifting and separation because of expansion and contraction. As a result, the fasteners become loose and bottom-flashing flange is lifted which allows water to enter and cause damage.

2. Reroofing for Functional Reasons

The main reason homeowners consider reroofing is for functional purposes. In the event of harsh weather conditions or if disaster strikes, the roof over your home is the ultimate source of protection for you, your family and your belongings. Consequently, it goes without saying that sturdiness and reliability is absolutely necessary.
Reroofing provides you with a valuable opportunity to replace broken or cracked tiles and improve both the insulation and ventilation of your roof space. Roof leaks – even minor ones – can lead to damage above and inside your living space and should definitely prompt you to consider reroofing. Whilst home and contents insurance can most certainly cover the replacement value should something happen, the sentimental items and prized family possessions are sometimes irreplaceable.

3. Reroofing for Aesthetic Reasons

Whilst not as vital as the functional opportunities reroofing offers homeowners, a new roof can provide you with a variety of aesthetically pleasing benefits. A newly renovated roof not only adds significant value to your home come selling time, but it can act as the perfect excuse to update the look and feel of your home.
From kerb appeal to a functional kitchen, there’s home renovations that sometimes just have to happen. The roof itself - whilst not always so noticeable – creates a major bearing on the overall look of your home playing an important role in your home’s design. It doesn’t mean to say you need to go overboard with aesthetic expenses, even the simplest modern look of reroofing can drastically boost the appeal of your home. From new tiles to a colour change, how will you compliment your home’s design?

4. Energy-Efficiency Considerations

Just as valuable as a visual change can be for the home, new adaptions for a more comfortable future can be just as beneficial too. As homes become more and more energy-efficient, it presents a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your roof too.
Living in Perth, we’re all too familiar with the summer sun and heat waves, so maintaining a comfortable climate in the home is a priority for many. If you’re considering reroofing, opt for lighter colour roof tiles for a cooler home or white shingles. For homeowners that still want to incorporate darker colours into roof tiles, reflective shingles can still provide an energy-efficient solution and come in a variety of colours and wood tones.
Depending on your home’s construction, an energy-efficient roof can save up to 15% of cooling and heating costs. If energy-efficiency is a priority for your home, speak with one of our staff member about what roofing materials can effectively shield against the sun’s radiation and heat.

5. Low Maintenance Considerations

Like with energy-efficient roofing solutions, having a roof that saves on maintenance is definitely a bonus! No homeowner wants to create more work for themselves than necessary, so it can be the perfect time to look at cutting down on maintenance worries.
Roof gutters tend to be one of the most tedious jobs when it comes to roof maintenance. Whilst your roof will always require a level of care, reroofing your homes gives you the opportunity to install low maintenance gutters. The right gutter choice can be the difference between regular chores of climbing a ladder and cleaning the gutters, to giving yourself a break and feeling confident it can take care of itself.

6. Rooftop Repair and Replacement

Keep in mind – if the roof is stable and secure, it translates into a safe home for you and your family as well. Rains, storms, and damage caused by wind can compromise the structural integrity of the roof, causing fissures and cracks that lead to a lot of inconvenience, even more when water seeps in. Not only is the roof damaged during leakage, but your furniture and appliances can be affected too.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to fix roofing issues by yourself – consult a roofing contractor professional to inspect the harm and manage a solution that best fits your needs. For more information on how we can make your roof the safest it can be – contact us today.