Repair or Replace? What You Should Know About Your Roof

November 4, 2016

If you’re looking at repairing an old roof or possibly replacing your entire roof in Perth, we have good news for you. Fortunately, either option can be considerably cheaper and easier than you might think.

The decision to repair or replace a roof is really a matter of balancing your needs. There are multiple issues to consider. There are also obvious practical and safety issues regarding individual roofs which must receive attention before you make a decision.

Repairing Your Roof – The Main Issues

Repairing your roof can be a simple option. Fixing a leaky roof or managing minor issues can be done simply and cheaply. Please note, however, that some roofs need more than repair.

The pros and cons of repairing a roof depend on the problems involved:

  • Older roofs – The main problem with older roofs is the fact that, over time, they can become structurally compromised through wear and tear. Fixing minor problems in this case probably isn’t good enough. A leaky roof may be caused by gaps or other interior problems which can be extremely expensive to fix.
  • Ceiling damage – This potentially nasty problem means leaks have penetrated the building, and there are very few upsides to this situation. Leaks can affect the entire building, and interior damage can require extensive rectification. Provided that your roof repairs actually fix the problems and that any possible damage is properly checked, repairs will be a good solution.
  • Upper storey roofs – In larger residential buildings with a big roof surface, roof repairs need to be carried out systematically with proper checks done for interior damage. Repairs should be carried out immediately, but make sure to check with your roof repair professionals regarding potential damage issues.

When You Need to Replace Your Roof

If the repair issues are looking grim, roof replacement is likely to be the best option. Roof replacement allows you to eliminate all the existing problems with your roof.

Replacements also offer some definite positive benefits – modern roofs are technologically superior in many ways. You can legitimately consider your roof replacement to be an investment in the value of your property. Your new roof will also have a very long product life, another consideration in terms of repair costs and maintenance.

The good news which will surprise many homeowners is that replacing your roof is not going to be very expensive at all. Modern roofing technology and materials have lowered costs to consumers. Installation of modern roofs is quite easy, and usually very quick.

The other big, high-value part of replacing your roof is that there is a very wide choice of different types of roofing. You can get a fabulous looking modern roof virtually custom-made for any type of building.

Take a little time to consider your options, and speak to your local roof repair professionals in Perth about roof repair and replacement. Ask your residential roofers for a quote, discuss your needs, and you’ll get the perfect roof solution for your home.