Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

April 1, 2016

Summer in Perth can be glorious. It can also be extremely hot. Build-up of heat during summer can be quite stressful, uncomfortable, and also expensive. Cooling the interior of a home on a hot day isn’t easy. The constant input of heat during the day heats up bricks and other materials which retain heat overnight.

The natural result of this process is to keep air-conditioners going 24 hours a day, but this can cost a lot of money. This constant running may also be putting a very heavy strain on the air conditioning units, which can actually break down.

One of the major problems with severe heat is that the heat can do considerable damage to the interior of the home. Heat has sometimes drastic effects on timber, and exposed services which receive constant heat throughout the day.

Over time, the cumulative effects of heat will build up, progressively causing more damage and affecting the roof, causing leaky roof repairs and possibly more serious issues. One of the more common problems is warping timbers and exterior surfaces, letting water into the interior of the home. This type of damage can be quite expensive to fix. Keeping your home cool is really a type of risk management for home maintenance needs and budget.

Roof Ventilation – The Easy Way to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

One of the biggest problems with hot days is that heat can get stuck in your roof, warming the rest of your home. This makes your air conditioning work harder and your family sweat for longer, having an impact on your comfort and your budget.

Ventilating your roof with a whirlybird will ensure that hot air is moved out of your ceiling space, meaning less heat, less discomfort and more affordable bills at work or at home.

These affordable, vents also help to prevent mould, meaning less chance of structural damage on your roof.

Implement Insulation

Roof insulation is the all-round fix to managing heat. In summer, roofing insulation acts as a very effective solution to build-up of heat in the home interior. In winter, the roof insulation protects against heat loss.

The net effect of this installation is to drastically reduce demand on air-conditioners and heaters. Good roof insulation will protect your home for years and save you money as well. It also helps to protect your roof’s interior from the effects of expansion and contraction caused by heat, reducing the need for roof repairs.

Selecting and Costing Your Roof Insulation

Roof insulation prices are actually pretty affordable. The net cost of insulating your roof, even for a large home, certainly won’t be excessive. You might, however, want to put a bit of thought into the type of roof insulation you want.

Different types of insulation include batts, blankets, board, and loose fill. Batts and blankets are all-purpose, and best for flat roofs and metal roofing. Board installation is commonly used in confined spaces between ceilings and roofs. Loose fill insulation is commonly used for ceilings as a barrier between the roof and the ceiling.

Depending on your needs, you may opt for a range of different insulation materials, too. Insulation materials include foil, polyester, polystyrene, natural wool, Rockwool, glass wool and several other choices.

Getting Your Roof Insulation Right

Your best option for selecting the right roofing insulation for your home is to talk directly to your roof repair professionals. Installation costs may vary somewhat, too, another good reason for talking to the experts before spending a cent.

Talk to your local roofers in Perth today about your needs. You’ll get all the information you need, helpful tips, and be able to make an informed decision about your choice of roof installation.