Is Your Home Improvement Idea a Good Idea?

September 5, 2016

smiling couple lying on floor looking at tablet

Some home improvement ideas are wonderful – they can improve your home’s value, add to the overall aesthetic of your house, as well as improve on the lifestyle of you and your family.

However, some renovation ideas can lead to disaster, and actually make your home worse than before! Let’s look at three popular home improvement ideas and weigh up your options.

Pools – Cool Idea or Bottomless Money Pit?

First on the list is in-ground pools – a particularly popular home improvement idea for many of us in sunny Perth! You’re probably visualising endless summers of days spent with friends and family around your future pool, feeling blissfully relaxed and probably sipping on a Mai Thai.

The reality ends up quite differently. You barely use the pool, you have to constantly clean it, regularly fork out money on cleaning it, constantly fight about who has to clean it… you get the picture.

So, before you rush into your amazing pool idea, make sure you weigh up both the overall cost of installation and the cost of ongoing maintenance. You’ll be splashing out your money on heating, insurance, cleaning, and filter and pump repairs for many years, so these costs are important to consider. Pools also have a nasty habit of developing cracks, and resurfacing can potentially end up costing thousands.

Investing in Your Roof

Admittedly, a lot less glamourous than your pool idea. But are you aware of the benefits a new roof can bring to your home?

Our home is often our largest investment and one of the best things you can do to protect your investment is to have a new roof installed – after all, it’s what keeps your home, contents and family safe and sound.

A new roof will keep your home in the best shape possible, give you peace of mind, and can help you gain the following three benefits:

  • Increased visual appeal – a new roof will instantly increase the overall aesthetic of your home
  • Increased value – you’ll find that investing an amount in roof restoration or replacement will come back to you in the increased value it adds to your home
  • Easier to re-sell – new buyers generally want to find a property that won’t take a lot of work or money to get to a comfortable place

For more information, contact Air Roofing Company today.

Turning Your Garage into a Neat New Space 

Do you have a garage in your home that you don’t even use? Often we underestimate the amount of space provided by our humble garage – but when you think about it, it’s quite a large proportion of your overall living space!

If you aren’t using your garage to house a car you might want to start thinking of other ways to utilise the space. This can add further value to your home, which will be very beneficial if you decide to sell further down the track. Small changes and creative ideas for space can also bring great benefits to you and your family’s lifestyles.

  • Playroom for the kids – the large open space of your garage makes it an incredibly flexible space for kids’ activities, with plenty of room for games and running around
  • Home office – turn your garage into a spacious, airy home office solutions with quite little effort
  • Dance, gym or yoga studio – an excellent option for unused garages, as they provide the space needed for dance routines, yoga movements or gym equipment
  • Home art studio – if any of the family are talented artists, photographers or potters let them have a space where they can get creative and messy!
  • Home movie theatre – why not set up a cool home cinema in your garage space? Impress your family and friends with your entertainment set-up

As you can see, some home improvement ideas are better than others. While it’s a personal choice, dependent on your own lifestyle needs and budget, it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of each project before you get in too deep. You can also talk to professional pool, roofing and building contractors – many will be happy to offer you free advice and quotes.