How Guarding Your Gutters Keeps Your Money from Going down the Drain

August 9, 2016

A man fixing the gutter of a house in PerthGutters are critical parts of your roof’s plumbing system. They need to be in good condition, not leaking, and free of debris and obstacles.  Managing roof guttering is actually pretty easy; the trick is to understand your guttering, know what it needs, and keep track of performance issues.

Roof Guttering Basic Issues

Roof guttering is usually made of metal or plastic. In most Australian homes, roof guttering is also full of gum tree branches, leaves, and a build-up of rotted down materials which have been in the gutters for too long.

These materials can cause metal guttering to rust, and discolour or damage other types of guttering. More serious, though, is the fact that the materials can also obstruct drainage. That can cause quite serious problems.

Guttering may have some obvious problems. If the guttering is looking corroded, it’s quite probable that it isn’t draining efficiently. Another issue is that holes in the guttering will naturally deposit water. That can cause internal and external issues with water entering the building, affecting paintwork, or exterior fittings like air conditioning, lights, or other external features.

Less obvious problems may occur where guttering issues affect damaged areas of the roof. In these cases, water leaks may enter ceilings or other parts of the building undetected until they start doing real damage.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are the instant fix for materials entering your guttering. Gutter guards come in a variety of different types, from basic plastic or wire mesh placed over gutters to heavy duty metal guttering affixed to the entire gutter system.

Gutter guards will save you a lot of time, money and work cleaning out gutters, prevent corrosion, and reduce damage to your guttering over a long period of time. They are very cheap, even for the top-of-the-line types.

Fixing Gutter Problems

It needs to be mentioned that gutter problems can cause instant, expensive damage with a single heavy rain shower. Any problems should be fixed immediately. Replacing defective guttering is essential.

A few pointers and some safety tips –

  • Cleaning out gutters can be very hard work indeed. If your gutter hasn’t been cleaned for a while, you should consider getting professional cleaning services.
  • Old, damaged guttering can be very tricky to work with. If your guttering is in this condition, get professional roofing contractor is to help you fix and replace it.
  • Gutter guards are a very good, all-purpose solution to managing roof drainage and keeping guttering in good condition. If you don’t have gutter guards currently installed, consider them as a money-saving and practical solution to most roof guttering problems.
  • Please also note– Any kind of roofing work which involves working with damaged services or fittings can be extremely dangerous. Damage roof services or guttering may give way when put under pressure, or cause you to slip.

Talk to your local roofing contractors in Perth about your needs. You’ll find that always problems are easy to fix and that keeping your guttering in good order in the long term is very easy.

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