Creating a Super Roof Using Colorbond Sheets

May 7, 2017

white colorbond sheets installed on roof

So why exactly should you choose a Colorbond roof for your new roof in Perth? There are a few key reasons to consider. Let’s check them out.

Weather Resistant

Colorbond steel is highly durable and weather resistant. This makes it perfect for those harsh Perth summers. Its UV-resistant properties help to deflect the hot Australian sun and ensure that your steel roof will last a lifetime.

Fire Retardant

Colorbond steel is fire retardant. This means that it’s highly resistant to flames. If a fire occurs in or around your home, your Colorbond roof will provide extra protection.

Easy to Maintain

Colorbond steel is easy to look after. All you need to do is wash it regularly with clean, fresh water. This will help to prolong its incredible life even further and it will keep it looking its best.

Thermal Efficiency

Colorbond steel is a thermally efficient material. With its impressive solar reflective qualities, the sun’s rays will bounce off your property, helping to keep your home or business cool. Couple this with superior roofing insulation for the best effect.


Colorbond roofing is a premium product and it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty to prove it. Talk to your roofing company for warranty details and any extra guarantees.

Perfect for Any Environment


Colorbond steel is an ideal choice for residential roofing. It will add extra value to your home and protect it day in day out. With the impressive reasons featured above, there’s no reason not to choose Colorbond for your home’s super roof.

Commercial and Industrial

Colorbond is also a great choice for commercial and industrial roofing. Its durability and weather resistance makes it perfect for shops, warehouses and other commercial premises.

Install a Colorbond Roof Today

Looking to upgrade your residential or commercial property with a super roof? Look no further than Colorbond. Air Roofing offers a free quote on all roof installations. Please contact us for further information.